Six iPad Magazines That Are Changing The Publishing Business

Six iPad Magazines That Are Changing The Publishing Business

‘Despite early hype, the tablet revolution has yet to resuscitate the magazine industry. But with these six apps, we’re starting to see progress in turning longform writing into immersive, digitally native content. Could this be the beginning of a glossy renaissance?

Remember when the iPad was supposed to save publishing? For all the hype of the tablet revolution and its impact on the industry, most digital magazines are still growing into the form factor. Far too often, tablet mags are simply regurgitated copies of the print edition served up as clunky, glorified PDFs that ignore the world of potential that tablets afford. Thankfully, that’s changing. As publishers native to print, web, and even tablets begin to experiment with the possibilities of what the form factor allows them to do, readers are getting better and better publisher-specific experiences for the iPad, Kindle Fire, and the various flavors of other Android-powered devices.

So what makes a great tablet publication? The field is still being defined, but the best ones out there today merge the design sensibilities of print with the openness and interactivity of the web. The further that print-first publishers can think outside their legacy paradigms, the better served their tablet-bound readers will be. At the same time, the online-first publishers dabbling in magazines for the first time all borrow heavily from their paper-based predecessors. Tablet publishing still has some growing to do, but whoever wants to win at this game in the future would be well advised to steal an idea or two from these six examples.’

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The ‘digital natives’ are coming! This little girl featured in the video below can easily interact with an iPad and not with a print magazine. Are you ready for those ‘One Directioners’ who are incredibly social and tech savvy, born with a storytelling device in their hands.


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The Avett Brothers have to be one of my favourite live bands. Here are just some videos of their live performances. They have a skill for hyping up the crowd  with songs like ‘Laundry Room’ while also bringing them to silence while they perform  songs like ‘Murdered in the City’. If you have the chance, go see them live.





A simple but beautiful video of a song I adore.

‘If I get murdered in the city
Don’t go revengin in my name
One person dead from such is plenty
No need to go get locked away

When I leave your arms
The things that I think of
No need to get overalarmed
I’m comin home

I wonder which brother is better
Which one our parents love the most
I sure did get in lots of trouble
They seemed to let the other go

A tear fell from my father’s eyes
I wondered what my dad would say
He said I love you
And I’m proud of you both,
in so many different ways

If I get murdered in the city
Go read the letter in my desk
Don’t worry with all my belongings
But pay attention to the list

Make sure my sister knows I loved her
Make sure my mother knows the same
Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name
Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name

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‘The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us’  – Ted Sarandos

Apply that thinking to your business. We live in an era of disruption, so, will you be disrupted or disrupt the industry?

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At SXSW Interactive this year I attended one of the most inspirational keynote talks I’ve ever been to. Tina Roth Eisenberg, originally from Switzerland, is also known as ‘Swiss Miss’, her popular design blog, which she runs out of Brooklyn. She has a European viewpoint and a love for clean, Swiss functional design. has a growing audience of 1.3M monthly unique readers from all over the world and was selected by The Times as one of the world’s Top 50 design blogs. She also runs a Brooklyn-based collaborative workspace calledStudiomates, organizes a monthly lecture series called CreativeMornings, is the inventor of the popular to-do app called TeuxDeux and is the force behind the temporary tattoo shop Tattly.

At her SXSWi keynote, ‘Swiss Miss’ shared her passion and knowledge from her diverse business experience. Her life lessons include:

  1. Love what you do
  2. Embrace enthusiasm
  3. Don’t complain make things better
  4. You’ve gotta trust, you’ve gotta empower
  5. Put experience over money
  6. Surround yourself with like-minded people
  7. Collaborate (stay away from ego)
  8. Ignore haters always
  9. Make time to think and breathe
  10. If an opportunity scares you, you need to take it
  11. Be someone’s eccentric aunt (this was my favourite!)

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Brilliant Brunch at SXSW 2013 – GE


Brilliant Brunch at SXSW 2013 in Austin featuring: Bre Pettis (Makerbot, Founder), Baratunde Thurston (Comedian), Damian Kulash (OK Go), Beth Comstock (GE, CMO), David Karp (Tumblr, Founder), Carla Diana (Creative Director, Carla Diana Design), Jake Lodwick (Vimeo and Elepath, Founder)

I really love this idea for SXSW. Often you can’t make the panels you want to, you miss the people you wanted to meet and you don’t get to overhear awesome conversations between influencers such as these big dogs. It certainly makes me want to face the fear and do what these guys do, make something for the rest of the world to use.

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2013 One to Watch – Shakey Graves

The below songs (my favourites) are best listened to on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Kick back, crack open a beer and pretend you’re in Texas, the home of Shakey Graves.



I don’t normally like covers, but I do like this one from Vampire Weekend.

‘Can you hear me calling
Out your name
You know that I’m falling
And I don’t know what to say
I’ll speak a little louder
I’ll even shout
You know that I’m pround
And I can’t get the words out
Oh I…
I want to be with you everywhere’

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It’s early March and the fashion month marathon that was has now finally come to an end. This can only mean one thing –  it’s time for SXSW! Move over #PFW, #LFW, #MFW and #NYFW. Hello #SXSW!

This SXSW season (known to regulars as ‘South By’) will be my 4th time attending the world’s largest interactive festival and the biggest piece of advice I can give to any digital fashionista attending is don’t spend all your time attending fashion panels. SXSW gives you the opportunity to meet with the interactive tech industry, so reach out to start-ups, tech agencies, mobile developers etc. and learn something new. The most interesting panels that I’ve attended in the past had nothing to do with fashion  – ‘Reboot Iceland‘ and ‘The Sports Fan in 2015′.

Attend at least one panel a day of which you know absolutely nothing about, you’d be surprised to learn how it can challenge the way you think and the way your industry operates. Let’s be honest, fashion has been very slow to the tech game so don’t be afraid to spend more of your time with the non-fashion crew at SXSW.

My focus this year is mobile, data, customer service and emerging markets for luxury fashion. Here are some panels I’m scheduled to attend.

SXSWi is all about interactivity, so make sure to be social! I’ve met some of my greatest ‘digital friends’ through sending them a ‘hello’ tweet. A good time to actually meet people is first thing in the AM for breakfast or over a beer in the evening (The Driskill is a good base!).

If you’d like to connect with me at SXSW, you can find me here-> @shelbyshelly

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